Our Lineage:
Karma Kagyud Lineage

Ka” means oral transmission, the unsurpassable words of the Buddha or the teachings personally transmitted by the Buddha. “Gyud” means the unbroken transmitted lineage. The Kagyud lineage directly originated from Buddha Vajradhara (Dorje Chang) who is inseparable from Buddha Shakyamuni. It is a precious Dharma lineage that can lead one to attain Buddhahood.

Karma Kagyud Lineage

The first Karmapa Dusum Khyenpa established the Karma Kagyud lineage with Gampopa’s lineage as the base. This is a Buddhist lineage that focuses primarily on meditative practice and pure faith towards the Guru. All of its precious teachings have remained intact till now and have always been very much revered and treasured by practitioners.

The pure lineage of Karma Kagyud has continued to be transmitted unbrokenly till today.

Through the great compassionate grace of Karmapas of the past and present and our lineage gurus, the precious lineage teachings continue to benefit a wide populace of beings.

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