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I am a dewdrop. I am the ocean.

I started small and insignificant. I saw the world through the atmosphere and wherever the environment I may be in.
From heaven to earth I have arrived. My goal is to reach the ocean.

As I changed, I struggled, wondering where is my destination, doubting myself and if I will ever reach there.
I envy the ocean and I want to become an ocean.

Along the way, I met more dewdrops. We share our experiences, our joy and tears.
Some have become the ocean and transform back as a dewdrop! How amazing is that!

In time, I realized I am the ocean all along. The ocean is in me. Buddha nature is in me. The seed of enlightenment is in me!
I just need to nurture it to allow it to grow and blossom. For whom? For myself and all sentient beings.

We all have the potential to become Buddha. The ‘ocean’ is in us.
We are strong yet fluid and flexible to learn and develop in the environment we are in.

A conducive environment is very important for our practice and development. How many times have we heard “this place feels great!” or “nice place!” Even though it may be our first encounter. A place with good energy and vibes can bring likeminded people together. KKBC is building a new centre with good energy, peace and love for all budding Buddhists and non-Buddhists to grow in wisdom and compassion together.

If all dewdrops unite, we can become the grand ocean. If we unite our resources together, the new centre can soon come into fruition.Now we are short of SGD 2.5 Million… Sincerely, we implore all your kind contributions towards this final part of building the new centre.

We have come so far since more than 20 years ago of dreaming a new centre for the benefit of everyone. Especially for our precious Karma Kagyud lineage that The 14th Kunzig Sharma Rinpoche and The 16th Gyalwa Karmapa who initiated a centre in Singapore.

Now we can see the transformation of your contributions into bricks and mortar of the centre. We are still short of funds. Please help support us. Dana is a practice of giving and immeasurable results will arise. With your support, we are able to help in the dharma.

Thank you so much.

如果露珠会说话 !





随着岁月的步伐,我恍然意识到我自己原来就是那海洋,由始至终,海洋即是我。我本具佛性、证悟的种子! 我只需要去孕育它,让它茁壮的成长和开花。这是为了谁呢? 是为了自己及芸芸众生啊。

我们都具有成佛的潜力。 “海洋” 就在我们的内在。我们既强大且充满流水般灵巧的伸缩性,在所处的环境中学习及成长。

一个有利的环境,对我们的实修和提升是至关重要的。曾经几何我们有听到过:“这地方的感觉太好了!” 或是“ 好地方!” 即使它是我们第一次到访的地方。一个具有正能量和磁波共鸣的地方,能把志同道合的人聚在一起。


如果所有的露珠能结合起来,我们就能成为那浩瀚的海洋。 如果把我们的资源结合起来,新中心很快就能落成。