New Centre’s Activities

Karma Kagyud Buddhist Centre -- Buddha image

When our new Karma Kagyud Buddhist Centre is complete and opens by the second quarter of 2016, it will be a spanking new 5-storey building with an attic and a shining focal point to to practise and propagate Lord Buddha’s pure and profound teachings in Singapore and across Southeast Asia.

kkbc-new-building-new-centre-activities-03 kkbc-new-building-new-centre-activities-01 kkbc-new-building-new-centre-activities-05

The new Centre will house a comprehensive array of classes and activities:

  • Lectures and seminars on Buddhist philosophy
  • Weekly, monthly and yearly pujas
  • Meditation classes
  • Torma making classes
  • Puja instrument classes
  • Tibetan language classes
  • Children’s dharma classes
  • Retreats
  • Festive celebrations
  • Animal liberation
  • Memorial service
  • Spiritual counseling and guidance
  • Charitable services to old folks’ homes
  • Charity visits to hospitals
  • Buddhist talks in Singapore and overseas
  • Pilgrimages

Our aim is for the new Centre to benefit the community vastly, as well as to become another Karma Kagyud home for students from all over the world.

kkbc-new-building-new-centre-activities-03 kkbc-new-building-new-centre-activities-01 kkbc-new-building-new-centre-activities-05

If you wish to help propagate the Buddha Dharma through our Centre, you can make an auspicious connection with the Karma Kagyud lineage and Shangpa Rinpoche by contributing to this meritorious project of rebuilding and maintaining our centre.

With your donation and support, the project’s success is imminent. A financial gift from you will be a big help in fulfilling this dream.