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Be part of the team that propagates Dharma in action! We have provided short write ups of the areas you may be interested in helping out with. Please fill in the volunteer form if you are keen to help out and we will contact you when there are opportunities. Your information is safe with us and we will not use it for commercial purposes or spam your mail.

Every puja will not be complete without the offering of lamps. Prior to the event, volunteers are needed to put up the thangka of the deity for the puja, put up the list of the sponsors for the lamps and arrange out the lamps, food and flower offerings at the shrine where the lamps are offered.

During the event, volunteers are needed to light the lamps and man them through the event, to ensure that those which are accidentally blown out by the wind are relighted. They are also required to guide devotees who wish to offer lamp on the day of the event to put their donation in the donation box, write their names on the sponsorship list, light and place the newly offered lamp. If the event runs for many days, volunteers are needed at the end of each day's event to re-arrange the lamps so the new lamps are in the centre offering table and lighted lamps are at the side tables.

A day after the event, volunteers are also needed to clear away the empty lamp offering cups and clean and tidy up the lamp offering shrine.

During events which last a large part of the day, we normally provide food in buffet style for the convenience of the participants. You may not necessarily need to know how to cook to volunteer in this segment.

We need volunteers who are comfortable with cooking different dishes for large number of participants.

Volunteers are also needed for taking care of the beverages corner, to ensure that there is no mess and water, tea, coffee etc., condiments, cups and spoons are topped up when running out.

We also need volunteers to help with cleaning the kitchen, cutting fruits and vegetables, carrying out and arranging the dishes in the buffet trays, serving the food to event participants and washing the cutlery, crockery and buffet trays after cooking and after the meal.

If you have a ready digital camera and know how to use it, we need your skills! Volunteers are needed during events to capture photos of the shrine, the event progression, the Sangha members, event participants and other volunteers.

After the event, please pass the event photos to the centre administrator in the form of CD or DVD for archival and also for the photos to be uploaded to the website. It is also possible to send the photos via email or an online file sending application.

We need volunteers for tidying the hall, arranging the seats/cushions and prayer text tables before the event. For some special occasions, we also require volunteers for packing of rice, tea, dharma pills etc. for distribution to participants.

During the event, they are to keep a lookout for empty seats in front and guide newcomers to those seats and avoid crowding the entrance area at the back. They are also required to help distribute water bottles, prayer texts, khatags, food offerings or candles as necessary during the event and to guide the participants to proceed to the front or back as necessary in an orderly fashion.

After the event, volunteers are again needed to tidy up the hall and put back the cushions/seats and prayer text tables.

Strong and fit males are preferable for this volunteering segment as work here involves carrying of heavy items such as the puja master's throne seat and usage of machinery like hammers, drills, wood staplers etc. There is also likely to be climbing of ladders to hang drapery etc. Besides the heavy and hard work, volunteers also have to be careful and attentive when arranging the flower decorations, shrine items and drapery for the throne table and seat, an artistic eye would be a plus. The entire setup is mostly determined by the shrine master who will dictate what will be necessary for the puja to create a shrine for veneration and the offerings needed. There are existing experienced members who are willing to guide newcomers.

Members of this team are also expected to help during the progress of the puja to do the offerings to the Lamas and to the deities and to protect the shrine for being tampered during the event. They also help with preparing the tshog offering table. Sangha members may have other needs during the puja progression which will require assistance from this team.

After the event, the members of the team have to help with dismantling and putting back all the equipment and items used for the shrine and throne seat.

Do enroll if you enjoy such challenging work and working closely with Sangha members.

The centre is bilingual and we try our very best not to leave out our chinese speaking devotees, especially the seniors. We require translators for teachings, the teachers will speak in English in parts and have pauses for the translators to translate to Mandarin. Sometimes it may be that the teachers will speak in Tibetan and there will be a translator from Tibetan to English and we also require a translator to translate from English to Mandarin.

We also require translators and Mandarin editors for written texts and our quarterly newsletter.

So as not to lose any precious teachings, we try to have audio recordings of all teachings which are given. In our centre, we use the Creative Jukebox plugged into a powerful amplifier to do the recordings. Training for using of this device will be provided to the volunteer, the steps are fairly simple, once the amplifier is switched on, the Jukebox has to plugged into a power source and switched on. Some settings have to be done and then the recording button has to be pressed. After ensuring the recording is being done, the volunteer is free to attend the teaching inside the hall. After the teaching, the recording has to be stopped and the Jukebox turned off and stored properly.

We also require volunteers to help with doing sound editing. This can be done with the help of a free software called Audacity. The editing is required mainly to make sure the sound volume is loud enough and pauses and sharp or loud noises are removed.

For certain large and significant events, we also require help to record event proceedings on video for posterity.

For almost every event, we need designers for posters. We also need designers for our Dharma publications. If you are good at designing and own and are using software like Adobe Photoshop, Freehand, MAC Pages etc., we want you! We can provide some digital images of deities and Tibetan and Buddhist designs for you to work on.

Karma Kagyud Buddhist Centre is a registered charitable organization under the Charities Act which donates part of its collected donations to charities. We have done charity work with old folk's home, Silra home for the sufferers of leprosy etc. We need help in organizing charity events like visits to old folks' home, outings with the handicapped etc. If you have a passion for doing charity work and are good at organizing events, we would like to hear proposals on charity work from you and we could work together to make the charity event happen.

We do regular animal liberation in the form of buying fishes or crabs which are going to be sold for food and releasing them in their appropriate habitat. We need volunteers to help in arranging the animal liberations, booking of transport for those who are meeting at the centre, getting ready the tools provided by the centre (if crabs are going to be released, scissors and tongs are needed), booking of boats (if needed), arranging with the kelong or fishery to prepare the sea life for release. Volunteers are also needed to prepare water to be brought along for participants and may also need to help book for meals after the animal release if it ends near lunch time or dinner time. Tools have to be cleaned and stored back after use.

We need help in manning counters or booths during events. Volunteers may need to set up the counter, arrange items for sale, take attendance or help with registration, answer enquiries or do sales. This is suitable for those who with outgoing personality and like to communicate with people.

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