2018 05 Years Course March Teachings

A renowned teacher in our Kagyu Lineage and a teacher to many High Lama and Rinpoches, including HH Karmapa, Venerable Chodrak Rinpoche has been invited once again (one of the many teachers in which KKBC has invited) to teach in the 5-Years Course that KKBC had put in place for interested practitioners and people whom are interested in the Buddh’a Dharma, to enrol in this golden opportunity to grasp these teachings from the very basics - Foundation Practices - to the most profound teaching on emptiness nature of the Kagyu Lineage Traditions -Mahamudra.  He will arrive on 06:15am on the 16Mar on flight SQ403, anyone interested in receiving Khenpo Chödrak Rinpoche la are most welcomed ??.  He will be coming with Kiki (the translator) and an assistant Lama.  Anyone interested in the sponsorship/dana of his/their air-tickets and such, please feel free to approach me accordingly.  Thank you in advance. Yours in Dharma.

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