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Lineage Masters

His Holiness Trinley Thaye Dorje

14th Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche

Shangpa Rinpoche

Dharma Through Email

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Weekly Pujas

4 Arms Chenrezig Puja

Wed 8 pm to 10 pm (+8 GMT)

Chod Puja

Thurs 8 pm to 10 pm (+8 GMT)

35 Buddhas Confession and Amitabha Puja

Sat 8 pm to 10 pm (+8 GMT)

Green Tara Puja

Sun 10 am to 12 pm (+8 GMT)

Monthly Pujas

Milarepa Guru Yoga

Every Lunar 15th

Chod Puja

Every Lunar 25th

Mahakala Puja

Every Lunar 29th


Upcoming Events


21.08.2014 20:00 - 22:00
CHOD practice


23.08.2014 20:00 - 22:00
35 Buddha Practice


24.08.2014 10:00 - 12:00
Green Tara Practice

Gampopa's Anniversary PDF Print E-mail


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10 Aug 2014 (Sun) 10.30 am to 10 pm

Led by Je Karma Trinley Rinpoche

Lord Gampopa is one of the great Karma Kagyud lineage masters. He was entrusted by Milarepa with the complete Kagyu transmission - the only one of Milarepa's students so honoured. Gampopa mentioned “those who sincerely supplicate to me, their aspirations will be fulfilled. My blessings will enable their merits to arise naturally.”


10.30 am Offering robes to the Sangha
11.15 am Offering lunch to the Sangha
12.15 pm Lunch for general public
1.30 pm Short Introduction to Gampopa's Life Story
2.30 pm Gampopa's Songs in the Rain of Wisdom
5 pm Mahakala Puja
8 pm Milarepa Tsog Puja

We welcome all to join us!

As in previous years, we are organizing a robe offering to the monastic community in Nepal, in particular Jangchub Choeling Monastery. We welcome all to take part in this generous and meritorious act.


The offering of a Katina robe is one of the eight most powerful noble acts. It is only possible to perform a noble offering of a Katina during the dispensation of a Samyaksambuddha. Then again, it can only be done in the human world and nowhere else. Furthermore, this noble deed is not to be seen or performed by people adhering to other faiths of the world. A unique feature of this noble meritorious act is that it is performed entirely in the name of Buddhist monks, by Buddhists or others with a clear understanding of Buddha-Dharma. It cannot, at all, be performed without Buddhist monks.

Under whatever circumstance, the offering of a Katina robe or any other item large or small accompanying such an offering, be it as small and insignificant as a mere needle, or a reel of cotton, is held by everyone as bearing tremendous fruit.


Zambhala Empowerment PDF Print E-mail

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Date: 9 August 2014 (Sat) 5 to 7 pm

Empowerment Given by Je Karma Trinley Rinpoche

The practice of Zambhala is for accumulating not just material wealth to remove obstacles in practice, but most importantly for accumulating spiritual wealth. In this world, there are all kinds of wrathful and negative emotions or bad spirits that may sometimes tharm you and other sentient beings. Zambhala must take on such a wrathful and powerful form to protect us from these harmful spirits and negative karma. Zambhala also helps us minimise or decrease all misfortunes and obstacles and increase all good fortune and happiness.

Animal Liberation 2014 PDF Print E-mail

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It is traditionally practised amongst Buddhists to liberate animals that are destined for slaughter or are in imminent danger. This practice is very precious because every single being no matter how small, values their life more than anything else. Even a worm wishes only to live and not to die. By saving beings one directly benefits them by giving them what is most precious, life.

As a result of such empowering kindness in saving lives, one can receive immeasurable benefits by creating the fortunate Karma to enjoy a longer life and be free of illnesses.

Liberating animals is a common and vital practice for those who are sick or have heavy obstacles to their lives.

“For the person who liberates animals, or those with life obstacles who received the dedication of merits from animal liberation, this practice helps them to obtain long life.  Even if you don't expect it, the karma will cause you to have a long life

Please register early as we need to book the bus. Bus fare will be split amongst the participants taking the bus. Boat fare will be split amongst all those taking the same boat. Estimated cost per person is around $20.


What: Animal Liberation

When: 09/08/2014 (Sat) 12.15 pm- 4 pm

Where: Meet 12.15 pm at Karma Kagyud Buddhist Centre or 12.30 pm at Changi Jetty.

How it is done: Boats are taken to a kelong where the fishes are ordered. The fishes are loaded onto the boats while the prayers are done. The boats will then sail to an area far away from the kelongs and the shore. The fishes are released into the waters. Dedication prayers are done on the boats and the boats head back to the jetty.

Teaching on the 3 Realms PDF Print E-mail

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Dates: 8 August and 9 August 2014

Time: 8 to 10 pm

Taught by Je Karma Trinley Rinpoche

The three realms are the desire realm, form realm and formless realm.

The Realm of Desire

Within the Realm of Desire there are six categories into which you can be born in any given moment. These realms comprise a circle; one is not “higher” than the other. These represent states, momentary and more permanent, that you may find yourself in at any given moment.

The Realm of Form

The realm of form (rupa) and its corresponding meditative states can be understood through the metaphor of the “higher gods.” These meditative states correspond to contact with the form of the body and are the basis for vipassana meditation. They can also refer to forms of meditation that involve visualization.

The Realm of No-Form

To reach the highest jhanas is to reach the realm of no-form (arupa).

Recall, however, from Siddhartha's story that he had attained the highest jhanas while meditating with his teachers Alara Kalama and Udraka Ramaputra. Once he came out of these rarified and sublime states he found himself right back into samsara. So even though these states are delightful, they do not represent liberation. Nirvana is not a state of meditation, but a release from all conditioned and constructed existence.


Shangpa Rinpoche's Travel Schedule 2014 PDF Print E-mail

Shangpa Rinpoche USA Bodhi Path Tour

From June 1, 2014 ­to  June 16, 2014

Teaching at Washington D.C. Metro Area
Saturday­ and Sunday June 14 & 15 10­-12noon, 1­-3pm Shamatha and Introduction to Mahamudra
Monday June 17 15:45 Depart LAX Terminal B
Wed June 19 3:00 Arrive Singapore

Shangpa Rinpoche will be flying to New Delhi for the final prayers and cremation of Shamar Rinpoche.
Flight details: SQ406
Depart Sunday 22 Jun 2014 17:25 Terminal 2
Arrive Sunday 22 Jun 2014 20:05 Terminal 3

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